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Thursday 11 November 2004

Life in the Fast Lane

In Back to the Future Marty McFly makes his way around town on a skateboard by hanging onto the back of passing cars. I always thought that'd be a cool way to travel - stealing someone else's kinetic energy. Right up to the point where you hit a drain cover at 45 mph and come to a skidding halt on your face.

On Tuesday I did a throw away entry about Tara Reid's accidental exposure. In that post I linked an entry on Gawker (you'll have to work out which entry for yourself, I'm not making the same mistake twice) and was immediately rewarded by Gawker's trackback facility with a link at the end of its post. At that point I feel I may have accidentally hooked this site onto the back of a passing Intercity 125 (for non-Brits, it's a 125 mph train).

Just about 60 seconds after hitting "Publish" on the post I happened to check my site meter. I had already received 50 visits refered from the Gawker post. Over the following 24 hours visits, which normally run at 250 to 300 per day, peaked at about 850 per hour totalling approximately 16,000. Even now, some 48 hours later, I'm getting about 100 visitors an hour.

This has had some knock-on affects. At least one site in my blogroll has noticed the increase in referrals from here, as have I at my mobile disco site. My credits at BlogSnob, which are earned by displaying ads on this blog, went through the roof. Unfortunately it only resulted in about 20 odd extra visitors, but as intentional blog readers they probably mean more than the 16,000 referred from Gawker.

Unfortunately, Google decided, in its infinite wisdom, that the archive page for the entry was not fit for paying adverts. The Googleads only showed the freebie charity ads for which sites receive no money. Although the clicks on the ads increased dramatically I will receive nothing for it.

Finally, as I type this my registered hits according to Sitemeter are just about to top 100,000.

Once I was hitched up, there was no way to let go. My best hope was to close my eyes, hope that my very kind and generous webhosts didn't pull the skateboard from underneath me and wait for the ride to slow down.

All is a bit calmer today. My referral logs are still meaningless, being jammed as they are by Gawker, but the site is intact and I haven't yet left pieces of face on the tarmac. All this for a single breast. Looks like I'm not the only one with a boob obsession.

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Yeah, sometimes getting your head into something really makes you experience an amazing and highpowered ride - in that regard the web is quite unpredictable :)

I actually ended up here through your BlogSnob ad - just so you know.

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