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Wednesday 17 November 2004

Crappy Link Clear Out

I've bee a touch busy / stressed / ill of late and I've amassed a collection of links I've been intending to blog about. Some are probably worth a post on their own but if I don't get them out here I never will.

Cosmetic Surgery Gift Vouchers - Sounds fair enough. Although I can't find any evidence to back the report up at all.
Hello Ronald! - Japan gets a cute female Ronald McDonald. That creates confusing contradictions in my head! (Oh, there's a male one too but we'll skip that).
Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism - by Mark Twain no less. Funny. I was going to do some checking into its validity but I don't have time [couldn't be arsed].
A Children's Story of Marijuana - A what now? "We believe there is a way to safely educate children about drugs by satisfying their curiosity but without piquing their curiosity to try them.". Sample line from page 2: "One night Jackie woke up past her bedtime. She smelled something funny in the air, so she walked down the hall to her parents' bedroom." Jesus!
LED based floodlights and Floating Lights via Gizmodo
Toyota's concept DJ van - Probably the best picture is at Conceptcar.ee.
Wearable Cloth Speakers and Animated Displays - How long before we see jackets that are animated, audible advertising? Hey I'd wear one for money as I went shopping in the City. The audio would have to be pretty long though so I didn't get sick of the repetition.
The Wank Blog - A joke the author appears to have got tired of already (no updates for a week). Still, mildly amusing whilst it lasted.

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