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Wednesday 17 November 2004

Band Aid Sucks!

Yesterday saw an "exclusive first play" of the new Band Aid 20 single by just about every radio station in the UK.

Quite apart from a rant I was preparing on how 13,000 radio stations can all have an "exclusive", I have to say the single stank! How can you get that much talent into one room and still create a lemon? Perhaps the total lack of talent from some of the "artistes" just sucked out the musical goodness from the room? I dunno.

Some people seem to take issue with the whole ethos of the single. Fair enough. Not sure I agree but each to their own. Myself, I just can't believe they made such a stinker.

I was listening to Radio 1 in the evening and they were reading out comments from listeners along the lines of "I can't stand the single but I'm going to buy 2 copies because it's for charity", the presenter himself was encouraging people to buy multiple copies.

Am I the only one that sees the obvious error in those statements?

If you don't like the single, don't buy it. Simply donate the amount you would have spent directly to charity. That way they receive more and can do more. If you like the single, buy one copy and then give the rest of your money by direct donation.

Even better, set up a permanent contribution through Gift Aid so that the charity gets all the extra tax breaks.

Jesus! Some people are just so dumb!

November 17, 2004 5:21 PM | Entertainment

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