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Wednesday 5 January 2005

PalmOne Treo 600 / 650 Quandary

I currently have a PalmOne (Handspring) Treo 600 and I love it. It's everything I wanted from a PDA / phone combination and, what's more, it's completely usable (unlike my old Orange SPV aka Canary).

It has an excellent Diary program and Contacts manager both of which can be synch'ed with Outlook on my PC. The full QWERTY keyboard is easier to use than non-keyboard PDAs and it runs the PalmOS so that you can download software from the net.

I really couldn't be without it now.

Unfortunately, it's dieing. It's been dropped just once too often. I think it was possibly the time I dropped it down the toilet and it didn't work for 4 days.

So I need to replace it. Like a fool, I didn't take out the Orange Care insurance plan so I can't claim on the insurance. I am due a free upgrade, but Orange no longer supply the Treo 600 and won't get its replacement, the Treo 650, until Easter some time.

My options are therefore:

1) Buy a Treo 600 on Ebay or similar for between 60 and 200.
2) Upgrade my phone through Orange to one that has similar capabilities. However, I don't know much about the phones Orange are now carrying. The closest seems to be the SPVM1000 (currently out of stock) or the SPVM2000 (not yet available but coming soon). Both of these appear to use Windows Smartphone which I didn't find as easy to use as the PalmOS on the Treo. Or I could try the Sanyo S750 or Nokia 6630 which both have 3G capability but may lack the functionality of a PDA/phone combination.

I'm soooo confused! Any suggestions?

January 5, 2005 3:00 PM | Gadgets


I'd say that if you want the 650, hold out for that. I know if I buy something to get me by, I feel like I've settled. But then you'd have to shell out a little to keep you going until then. Of course, I know next to nothing about any of the phones you've listed.

In short, I'm not very helpful, now am I?

Harvey Scriven said on January 25, 2005 11:56 PM:

Hi there, i just read your question, i like you have a treo 600, with orange, took the insurance out thank god, i love the phone like yourself, all of the things you said about, it's a great phone, i have had a few problems with mine, but the new one is meant to be perfect, it's Hires and has bluetooth and apperently it's built in a different place to the first version, so all the faults the first, have been ironed out, so if i was you i would hang on for the 650, i can't wait for that one! just buy old crap phone on ebay to get you by, it only going to be for a few months, then get the treo 650!

well hope that helped


MarkC said on January 28, 2005 7:06 PM:

Do you think the 600 is repairable? It might be worth giving ANOVO (the people who P1 have doing Treo repairs in the UK). Their number is 01603 269960. Just a thought.

NickD said on February 28, 2005 8:17 PM:

Having just been through a similar dilemm for 3 months or so I have just finally upgraded to an SPVM2000. OK, so it runs windows based software which some folks (including myself at times) curse. However this handset is very well designed and flexible enough for any user to mould as they wish. The memory can be adjusted to suit your needs and backup is well designed. However the best thing is the lack of gimmicks. Plenty of downloads will be available soon if that is what you like.
The main point I have though is that all phone/PDA manufacturers and network providers have already acknowledged that 3G will be old hack next year (2006). There is another "broadband" for mobiles being bred and 3G was dead before it started because of the way it has been marketed.
Ring through to disconnections if you are on a tariff with Orange, you'll get a better deal than you may expect.
Nick D

I spoke to orange this week and it'd cost me 250 to upgrade to the SPVM2000, which is a little above my available funding at the moment.

Plus the Treo 650 is out in the next few weeks. I might just hang out a little longer. My Treo keeps chugging along just about.

what is the video camera like on the Treo650?
And is the still camera better than on the Treo600?
Thanks for any comments.

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