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Friday 7 January 2005

Favourite Entries of 2004

So 2004 has been & gone. I've had more hits in a month than I'd previously received in a year and occasionally I even wrote stuff I wouldn't be ashamed to publish in public.

These are they (in no particular order):

30 Second Guide to this Blog - Exactly what it says. Written particularly with BlogExplosion visitors in mind.

A Quick Consultation - My most recent visit to the Doctors in docu-drama form. Made some people laugh. Made others wince.

EU Registry Services Domain Renewal Scam - Pointing out a scam. Several people commented to say it may actually have stopped them from falling victim to the scam. Actual public service blogging in action. Sweet.

"The Game" grows - (I've lost!) I'm determined to get as many people as possible playing the game then sit back as waves of shouts of "I've Lost" sweep across countryside and cities alike.

Recreational Grief - A subject that hit the national headlines some 6 or 7 months later when Boris Johnson expressed similar views but much less tactfully and was subsequently sacked from the shadow cabinet.

How much does a good DJ / disco cost? - Writing about my business. Hopefully informative and helpful and certianly can't do any damamge to my mobile disco website.

Emotional Landmines - Things that make you go waaah!

Beyond the pale - My disgust at the shocking actions of the US Govt./intelligence services. I have quite firm views about most areas of politics but rarely express them here. I don't know why.

Dear Cupid - An attempt at humour on a subject that is currently causing Sharon and I some worry and stress; she's falling apart.

Dear God, Please kill me! - A link to one of the funniest stories I heard all year.

Subtle Hint - The cause of a swift bash round the head from Sharon.

The above are not necessarily my best or even my most popular writing (is any of it "popular"). They are simply my favourites.

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