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Wednesday 2 February 2005

BlogPhiles Webring

This week I have taken over as Ring Master on the excellent BlogPhiles Webring.

I am told that the ring was originally run by a woman who had an Internet business selling domains and offering web hosting/site building. As her business took off she gave up blogging and maintaining the BlogPhiles ring. She passed responsibilty for the ring on to Lynne of Bacon, Cheese and Oatcakes who has done an excellent job of maintaining what is a huge webring. Readers of Lynne's blog will know that things have not gone smoothly for her recently and she recently decided she didn't have enough time to maintain all of the rings for which she had responsibility.

The ring currently has over 780 members. Think about that. If you were to go through the whole ring to check that all members still meet membership requirements it would take over 5 hours (spending about 30 seconds on each site). And that's without the time to take any action on those who no longer meet requirements.

Regardless, I am about to undertake a project to visit each member site over the next few weeks to confirm that they have the ring code, are still active and aren't porn / spam sites. Luckily when I emailed the members to tell them what I was intending to do I had 2 volunteers (Mike and Kelly) offer to assist me and I will probably take them up on their offer.

The ring code also links directly to it's own domain. As it would be unfair to ask 780 members to update their ring codes I have taken on those domains, and the hosting, too.

Also, there appears to be 3 to 5 new applications to join every day. Each of which needs a review to check they meet membership requirements. Luckily, unlike the Blogging Blokes webring, most applicants are aware of the membership requirements so don't require chasing emails or such like.

So far I've spent the last 3 evenings doing nothing but emailing ring members, updating the BlogPhiles website and preparing to review the membership.

February 2, 2005 12:31 PM | Weblogging

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