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Friday 4 February 2005

Comment Spam - Repercussions and actions

So, it appears my 14,000 comment spam attempts in 60 days together with some serious hot-linking of a New Years Eve image from 2 years ago have driven my monthly bandwidth usage up to over 3GB per month.

The hosting plan I'm using allows 500MB per month. Under the terms & conditions of my plan my hosting company, Allness.net, could have charged me an additional 260 per month for the bandwidth I'm using. You probably be able to guess just how grateful I am that they haven't done so.

So, action is required. Firstly I replaced the NYE image with a hand drawn "F*ck Off". Hopefully that will deter the hot-linkers for that image.

Secondly, I have finally managed to get James Seng's MT CAPTCHA plugin installed. This will mean that anyone leaving a comment will need to enter a number shown in an image on the comments form. This should verify that the comment is being entered by a human and not a script. Whether this reduces the server load or not is yet to be seen.

However, there are more far reaching consequences. My hosts have suggested that I might like to move to a dedicated server. It's quite a big leap involving significantly more expense. I will have more control over the server and email and much, much more bandwidth but still, it's more money. I may be able to offset the expense by selling on hosting services to other sites on my server (possibly including reselling domain names bought at discount through my host company)

Jesus. 3 years ago I didn't know the first thing about HTML. By this time next month I could be a fully fledged hosting company. What do you reckon? "aardvark.dj web hosting"?

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