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Monday 7 February 2005

RSS Adverts

One of the things that has always concerned me about RSS feeds is how it interacts with blogs such as Boing Boing who derive a revenue from advertising.

These sites are faced with a choice, either deliver the full text in an RSS feed and lose revenue because readers aren't visiting the site and therefore aren't clicking on adverts, or deliver partial texts to the RSS feed forcing readers to visit the site but kind of destroying the whole point of the RSS feed.

As a partial answer, Boing Boing has started including ads in its RSS feeds. Small adsense style text ads that appear in roughly a third of the entries. Provided they're kept relatively unobtrusive, I'd say that this was the ideal solution.

February 7, 2005 1:42 PM | Weblogging


Actually I don't mind partial texts in RSS feeds. I read what is there, and if it is something I wish to read more on, I go to the post directly. That way can skip over those that I'm not too interested in.

I dislike partial feeds. If I wanted to visit the site I'd have done so. But it's one of those horses for courses things.

My site delivers both partial feeds (RSS 0.91 & RSS 1.0) and a full feed (Atom) so that people have a choice.

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