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Sunday 13 February 2005

Electric Bagpipes

I've written and recorded 2 dance tunes now. The first was decidedly average, more album filler than floor filler. The second was a "tune!". If I can get back to the studio to change some of the instrument sounds to something a little dirtier and a bit more aggressive there's even a chance that it could get release.

What I want to do though is a Hard House tune that includes bagpipes. Bagpipes are incredibly hard to sample though because they feature constant harmonised drones. If you digitally manipulate the main tone (played on the chanter) the drones will change with it and it no longer sounds like a bagpipe.

They're difficult to record live too because it's you need to record the main chanter and the drones separately and get the balance right.

The DegerPipes Electronic Bagpipe Chanter is one solution. An electronic instrument that generates the whole sound including the drones and feeds it out through phono or MIDI output. Another option is the Master Gaita although this would appear to output in MIDI so the sound will only be as good as the bagpipe sound available on your MIDI driven device.

More info is available on Music Thing

February 13, 2005 2:24 PM | Entertainment


Just as a thought, how about putting the chanter through a phase filter? Be very dirty sounding if nothing else...

Rob Launder said on June 22, 2005 11:16 AM:

Found the site interesting - I play Northumbrian Small pipes but i`m interested in the Deger Elec. Bpipe chanter.
Do you have any further info. e.g. price / availablity etc.
Cheers Rob

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