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Friday 18 February 2005

The Tasmanian Devil

Many years ago I was heavily into the Warner Brothers' cartoon Tasmanian Devil ("Taz"), or at least the old, unsanitised version of him. Karen and I used to watch WB cartoons just for him. We had Taz coffee mugs, Taz t-shirts, Taz Nightclothes, the lot. We even bought some (very expensive) glass and pewter Taz & Mrs Taz Champagne Flutes (and the interweb thing has finally let me down cus I can't find a picture of them anywhere).

Just 7 days after Karen died I had my first ever tattoo, a small picture of Taz because it was something we shared and, no matter what else I lost, no-one could take that away from me.

It seems that the real thing is quite similar. A video of them eating a roadkill shows that, whilst they're not the whirling dervish of the cartoon, they are certainly very manic and hyper. Despite their similarities to the animated version, they're not quite the poster subject that the cartoon Taz is. I couldn't see myself with a tattoo of anything that sounds like the noise available from SF Gate.

More info, pics and video available from the DPIWE site.

February 18, 2005 2:08 PM | Entertainment

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