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Tuesday 8 March 2005

Orange SPV M2000

orange-spv-m2000.jpgSo I finally gave up on my well loved Treo 600 and lumped for an Orange SPV M2000.

I wasn't too sure about electing for an SPV operating Windows Mobile after finding the original Orange SPV hard to live with.

An upgrade on my talk plan is supposed to cost 150, slightly above my current budget (of 0) and way too much for me to take the plunge and move back to a Windows Smartphone. However, I found another outlet that had the phone for 75 (albeit with a more expensive talkplan) and I phoned Orange Customer Services to see if they would match it. They did even better than that. As soon as I mentioned that I was thinking of cancelling my contract and taking out a new one (still with Orange) through another outlet they offered to upgrade me to the SPV M2000 for free. FOR FREE!! How cool is that?

A (much) bigger screen, improved menus and the touch screen have vastly improved the experience of working with the phone. The screen is not only an improvement over the original SPV but better than the Treo 600 too (although the 650 is supposed to be better too).

The M2000 also has Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities, although having set up WiFi on my phone I'm not entirely sure what it's for. I've got the phone talking to my WiFi router but can't use it to connect to my PC or the Internet. It's probably me having done something wrong.

My initial impression of the SPV M2000 is very favourable. However, I've not spent a huge amount of time with it so I've yet to learn how usable it is.

The biggest let down compared to the Treo has to be the amount of software available. The Treo, running Palm OS, had lots of shareware and reasonably cheap applications available from very many websites. Windows Mobile is not nearly so well supported and the seems to be no shareware available at all. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

March 8, 2005 11:09 PM | Gadgets


Sounds like you are one lucky person.

look like you got my O2 XDA IIs :)

sound like you're looking in the wrong place.

just remember that windows mobile is just a new name for pocket pc

so look for PPC for pocket pc shareware and you'll get what you want.

First thing you wanna put on there is betaplayer. (you wanna start watching movies on the tube.. beats staring at people's feet).

Then you want a decent backup software, VM Network Browser (not free but *cough*edonkey*cough*).

As i said earlier, this spv is just a packaged HTC Blue Angel.

Try xda-developers.com if you're willing to delve into making changes urself to the device.

eg. better bluetooth stack etc.

I've just an M2000 and love it. Very cool and loads of features. Just trying to work out WIFI at the moment.

I also bought the spv m2000 on a upgrade but found it too big to use as a phone so reverted back to my old Motorola V80. I now use the PDA for Tom Tom Sat Nav and have it connected to my wireless LAN and it works fine.

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