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Thursday 17 March 2005


I thought Wordpress was supposed to be easy to use? I was even toying with the idea of moving this blog across to Wordpress and I was definitely thinking about creating a weblog for my employers using it.

I'm setting up a new blog on an old site of mine at 4-Club.co.uk to see if I can generate some revenue from the site and as a practice for using Wordpress for works blog.

It was incredibly easy to set up (once I'd worked out how to create a MySQL database on my server - the joys of self-hosting). But I can't for the life of me work out how to use the damn thing. I've spent half an hour and I'm damned if I can tell if you can use it to upload images at all. I really can't be arsed to go back to FTPing images to my site again. MT was so much easier than that.

The templates are a weird thing to. It doesn't look as easy to write templates as MT is.

March 17, 2005 11:58 PM | Weblogging


It's different but I find it easier to use than MT. Don't know if youve heard of a phpMyAdmin, thats the best tool when it comes to setitng up tables and stuff

If you go into wp-admin, hit Option, then Misc and turn on file uploads. You should then see the upload item next to logout. If your uploads fail check your permissions thats the most likely cause.

I've heard that there aren't many similarities between the two, but once you get past that, WP is easier to use. At least that's what I've heard.

I think I've decided against using WP for this blog if only because I don't want the URLs of old posts to change. I know you can do magic things with .htaccess but unforatunately any time I create a .htaccess file on my site the whole site breaks down.

If I can get to grips with it over the next few weeks I think I probably will use it for work's blog tho.

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