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Tuesday 19 April 2005

How to make money at home

It's everybody's dream to be able to make decent money by working from home. There's a thousand websites out there that will tell you they can change your life by showing you how to make money from home. And you know what? Most of them make money from home by selling books on how to make money from home.

And this entry is no exception. It is in part an experiment in earning money from this website using Google's AdSense program and in part an attempt to pass information on to you in order that you can do the same.

This information is a start down the road that books with titles like "Making money with your computer at Home" and "What Google Never Told You About Making Money From AdSense" would take you further down but for less money, i.e. free.

To make money from Google's Adsense program you need a website. A you don't need particularly high traffic levels but a website with a good Google PageRank would help. Once you have this you should install Google's Adsense somewhere prominent. Somewhere most visitors to your site will spot it easily.

Then you want to find a key word or keywords that will prompt Google's Adsense program to display adverts with a good cost per click. The "cost per click" is the amount of money that a business will pay Google each time someone clicks on the advert. Most adverts only return a couple of cents per click but some will pay out $90 to $100.

This particular page is aimed to trigger adverts for the phrases "make money at home" and "Google AdSense" both of which pay out reasonable money but not the best (there's less competition that way).

You then need to create a page that will rank as highly on Google or other search engines as possible for the phrases you are targeting. The hope is that this page will attract visitors who search on those terms. Then, once they have arrived at your page, some of them should click on the Google Adsense ads and generate your income.

Then you simply sit at home and watch the money roll in.

I don't expect this experiment to work. This site ranks well for some search phrases but it's a small site and it's a big, competitive world out there. Especially in the home business market. Some people make thousands of dollars working at home from their websites using techniques like this. Other make thousands of dollars working from home by selling lists of the highest performing keywords to people who make thousands of dollars working from home. (You see what I did there?)

One thing is vitally important. You absolutely cannot do anything that would appear to encourage your visitors to click on the Google adverts. Google doesn't like that at all and will kick you off the program.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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