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Monday 9 May 2005

Burntwood Blog

Burntwood, my home town, has its own blog! Who knew? Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have an RSS feed.

It did however give the background to rumours about a bloke found in Hammerwich with his throat cut that have been circulating recently.

Additional: It's taken me a while to realise just how anonymous the Burntwood Blog is. Which brings a new topic to everyone's lips. Just who is the Burntwood Blogger? Is it your neighbour? Your
Father? The man you met in the cafe at Safeway's at lunchtime? Who knows?

(OK, so as far as I know only one regular reader lives anywhere near here so I'm talking to quite a restricted audience but please, run with it anyway.)

Anyone fancy knocking up a "Who is the Burntwood Blogger?" banner?

Also, I realised that I could probably post more about Burntwood myself so I'll be doing that in future in the new "Burntwood" category. I'll discuss local issues occasionally and highlight local businesses to. Here's a link to a good mobile disco to start with.

May 9, 2005 12:10 PM | Burntwood , Weblogging


I saw it the other week, but it seems a bit boring so I never went back.

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