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Monday 20 June 2005

Chase Burntwood Wakes Festival

Update: For the month of July, tickets are available at 50% off!

When the Church of St. Anne`s was opened in Chasetown in September 1865 a celebration known as the Wakes was held. This became an annual event held on the third Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in September. A Flower Show was introduced on the Tuesday and Wednesday and the dates transferred to the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the month in 1870.

Attendance at the Chase Wakes has been falling for several years with last years attendance being the worst on record since the Wakes were restarted in the Seventies.

This year the Wakes have been renamed The Burntwood Wakes and the format has been shaken up to try to improve attendance. As a Burntwood business I am supporting the Wakes whole heartedly and I would strongly encourage others to do the same.

The first of the 2 nights of entertainment (13 August 2005) will be free. The Amadeus Orchestra heads a classical concert with a craft fayre during the day and "Pop in the Park", described as "Creative World Entertainment presents some of the best up and coming Pop acts from around the UK including several well known faces from Pop Idol."

On the second night (14 August 2005) the line up is stepped up a bit. Bootleg Abba, Killer Queen and Carolynne Good all warm up for Tony Christie who seems to be making the most of finally getting "Show me the way to Amarillo" to number 1. Tony, who previously lived just a few miles away in Shenstone and now lives in Lichfield, may also be joined (rumour has it) by Peter Kay.

The Burntwood Wakes Festival has its own website this year where you can see the line up and book tickets.

Perhaps a successful Wakes this year will allow the event to attract even bigger sponsors next year allowing the event to grow and become a real promotional tool for Burntwood and its businesses.

June 20, 2005 11:06 PM | Burntwood


Julie Westbury said on June 21, 2005 12:25 PM:

I know the company CWE well and they have tried to keep the cost below £20.00! The family ticket gives you a saving of £8.00 for 4, so please support this or it will not continue as an annual event.

We aim to try and please and think that the demographic of the area is right to host this event. Tony also now resides in Lichfield and before moving to Spain lived in Shenstone for 10 years so he is considered a local guy.

If you would like to attend with all your family we will give you two free children’s tickets as a jesture.

Yours truly

Merv Spence
Creative World Entertainment Ltd.

Tel.01543 253576


Thank you for your offer. I have emailed you.

Creative World Entertainment are pleased to announce that ticket prices for Sundays event @ Burntwood Wakes 2005 are now available at a promotional discounted rate of up to 50% off for the month of July. See Tony Christie perform tracks from his triple platinum album 'Definitive Collection' supported by Killer Queen, Bootleg Abba and Carolynne Good from Fame Academy.

Ticket Prices
Adult Ticket: £10.00
Child Ticket: £7.00
Family Ticket: £29.00 (2 Adult + 2 Children)

Jason Fillingham
Creative World Entertainment

michelle said on August 12, 2006 12:34 PM:

i cant believe we bought 4 tickets at £37 each now they are only a tenner

leigh said on August 30, 2008 5:10 PM:

i remember the chase wakes back in about 1993 it was awsome the problem with falling attendence is the fact that the fair got smaller and smaller each year if there fair got bigger and better no disrespect to the harris family but thay were only there for 2 days so thay didnt put on the full show of there capabilitys ive seen there work in full motion and there good make the chase wakes event longer bigger and people from all over the country will attend dont reley on the chase people

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