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Tuesday 28 June 2005

Do you read this site via RSS / News Aggregator?

I'm thinking of changing the RSS / XML feeds for this site, or at the very least rationalising them into one feed.

Currently I'm publishing 3 feeds in RSS 0.91 (linked on the left as RSS 9.91 and I've never got round to changing it), RSS 1.0 and Atom. The RSS feeds are both abbreviated versions of the entries without links or pictures. The Atom feed gives the full entry.

Firstly I'm thinking of ditching the two RSS feeds. I don't see a need for 3 different types of feed and I personally am not a fan of abbreviated feeds.

Secondly, the hosting costs for this site are steadily increasing. Mostly due to Google hits for "Lindsay Lohan's Boobs". I need to do one of two things. Either a) cut out all the high bandwidth pages or b) start generating enough advertising revenue from the site to cover the extra cost. In addition to moving the adverts on this page to a more prominent position and adding Amazon adverts, I've been toying with the idea of using Feedburner or Pheedo to supply the XML feed and include ads in them.

I would be interested to here from anyone who regularly reads the XML / News Aggregator feeds to this site. Especially as I have no idea how many of you there are.

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I come via Bloglines. I've read a lot about ads in feed, even some of the big guns like Scrvis say they dont work. If your gonna switch format then Atom is possible the way to go.

Feedburner is good, checkout this post about how you can redirect the pages so nobody has to re-subscribe.

I dont know how much your paying for hosting, but I pay next to nothing. If you thinking about switching hosts the checkout Valcato, they are managed over here but the servers actually live in the US.

I come in thru bloglines as well. And only hop over when I want to leave a comment.

I think I'm pulling your Atom feed and coming in through Bloglines. But I sometimes get here by my blogroll too. Hope that helps.

Pheedo can handle your feed management and advertising without requiring your readers to resubscribe. We can also provide web advertising so all your ad reporting and payments come from the same place. Contact me if you need any help getting things set up.

Adam Kalsey
CTO -- Pheedo

If you do sign up for Pheedo, let me know how it goes.

I have emailed Pheedo to discuss setting up feeds with ads. I'm also considering replacing the Google Ads with Pheedo ads.

However, I'm not sure that the level of RSS subsrciption warrants putting too much effort into messing it around.

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