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Friday 1 July 2005

Burntwood Wakes Selling Well

Update: Burntwood Wakes Tickets have been reduced by 50% for anyone booking during the month of July.

According to IC Cannock.co.uk, tickets for the Burntwood Wakes are selling well. I am honestly chuffed. An event of this size will be good for Burntwood. It also looks likely that I'll be taking the family to see Tony Christie et al on the Sunday. Expect to see picture here afterwards.

Merv Spence of Creative World Entertainment pointed out in the comments to my previous entry that I was, perhaps, being a little negative about the festival. Having re-read what I wrote, I don't think my main article was but I will admit that part of my first comment on the article was unfairly pessimistic. I don't normally delete items from this site. Usually if I get something wrong I'll leave it but post an amendment / apology. However, that entry comes up as the second highest Google result for "Burntwood Wakes" so, on this occasion I have deleted amended it and made my apologies directly to Merv Spence.

Update: I hope my orignal entry wasn't the cause of this news report.

July 1, 2005 9:40 AM | Burntwood


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