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Monday 11 July 2005

Jumping a bandwagon

I see another bandwagon coming so I've decided I want in (feed readers will need to visit the site to see what I'm on about).

First there were wristbands. Started by Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong" campaign the idea was soon pilfered by every charity going, closely followed by every corner shop selling non-charity ones in any colour you fancied.

Now there are website bands. MakePovertyHistory.org started it. And today I came across one for the Red Cross.

Well. I want my own. So here it is; the "Jump another Bandwagon" website band. Designed to clash horribly with just about any website colour scheme going.

I've just finished hacking the code. I've done 2; one left-handed and one right-handed but both large. Do you want one? Let me know. If people are interested I'll post the code here.

Note: This is not meant to detract from the important work done by any of these charities. Just the lack of imagination and/or originality of the PR consultants they hire.

Update: Wow, that's large on low resolution screens. I think I'll be spending my lunch hour hacking smaller ones.

Update 2: Ok, that's better. I've hacked a smaller one. So now I have a large left handed banner, a large right handed banner and a small right handed banner. Leave a comment if you want the code. If by any chance it should prove popular I'll post the code here.

People jumping the bandwagon:

Huy has jumped the bandwagon.

July 11, 2005 10:55 PM | Site


Wow, that is big! I might be interested if only for the "annoyance factor".

I've managed to sort out a smaller one. It's on my site now.

For the small one use the following code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.arseburgers.co.uk/bandwagon/bandwagon-small-right.js"> </script><noscript></noscript>

It should be pasted into the template immediately after the <body> tag.

If you want the bigger one, let me know cus I'll need to slightly amend the files for use on other sites.


Don't know why you using am image map? Why not just make the whole image a link anyway.

Perhaps include a query string so you can see which annoying things are getting the most hits back to your blog.

I'm not sure, but I think it clashes with my CSS.

even the small one is a little large ... but, any chance of getting the small one in the lower right corner? i saw another band down there. ooh ooh! maybe i could put one on EACH corner. hee hee.

damn, didn't work, I wanted to jump th ebandwagon


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