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Friday 15 July 2005

Writing University Essays

I always hated writing University essays. I couldn't be bothered with the research. I didn't have the inclination to set the essays out in the required University style and order. I was useless at remembering where I read something so I could quote the reference (risking being accused of plagiarising by the University). I thought that, if you knew what you wanted to say, then surely it was best to say it in as few words as possible. That was probably part of the reason why I only stayed at University for a single term before moving on to employment.

Ironically, most of the work I do these days, writing advice letters to clients, is very similar to essay writing except that my talent / preference (laziness) for expressing points in the simplest, shortest way possible is a positive attribute. Oh, and we don't quote sources unless its legislation or Government produced guidance.

For those still writing University essays (you poor sods) there's a number of sites with some decent guidance on writing (.ppt file) good University essays.

Of course, these days there are a growing number of firms who will help you draft your University essay or even write the whole thing for you. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging assistance with your research and preparation, submitting an essay drafted by someone else is illegal will be outside your University guidelines.

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