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Thursday 28 July 2005

Tornado! In King's Heath, Birmingham, UK!

Apparently a tornado has damaged buildings and injured pedestrians just a mile or so from where I am at the moment in King's Heath.

OK, so it's only a "mini-tornado" and nothing compared to the real stuff some of you regular readers will have experienced. But hey, this kind of shit doesn't happen to me very often.

To be honest, we didn't notice much at all here. It got a bit dark and a touch windy but nothing that would make me suspect that I was just a mile away from a tornado. Weird.

Click on the picture below to see a map showing where I am right now and where the tornado was.


What with all the terrorist attacks recently, several people locally thought bombs had gone off in King's Heath due to the very sharp claps of thunder and the sudden arrival of all the emergency services.

Update: Apparently "They happen in several places in the Midlands in most years so they're not that uncommon." Well, they're bloody uncommon to me!

July 28, 2005 4:31 PM | Stuff of Interest


Great! Now I know where you work...not that I'll be stopping by anytime soon.

And, tornado, schmornado....we got hurricanes. Although, we also get tornados too. Doesn't really want to make you move here does it? Then again...why do I live here?

it was terrible.i am scarred 4 lyf

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