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Wednesday 10 August 2005

"Thud" - Terry Pratchett's new Discworld Book

I love Terry Pratchett. Well, maybe not. But I do enjoy losing myself in Terry Pratchett's Discworld stories. They're thoughtful, entertaining, laugh-out-loud funny and a damn good read. I have precious little spare time but everything comes to a halt when pTerry releases a new book until I've finished it.

Terry Pratchett releases 2 new books at the start of October; Thud!, another Commander Vimes / Watch story and Where's my Cow? an accompanying children's book.

"Thud!" is the story of Commander Vimes' attempts to prevent all out war between the Trolls and the Dwarfs. Interrupted by the fact that he has to read "Where's My Cow?" to his young son each evening. "Where's My Cow" has been published as a separate to accompany "Thud!".

I already have both books on pre-order from Amazon. If you're tempted to do the same (or simply buy it if you're here after 1 October) then why not help me out and do so via the links below?


A series such as the Discworld novels can be daunting to someone who hasn't read any of them yet. Where do you start? Will you understand the characters? What order should you read them in? I know that I didn't start reading the Discworld series when I could have because I wanted to read them in order but didn't know what order they were in.

Virtually all of the Discworld novels can be read on their own without feeling like you're missing anything. I personally would recommend reading them in the order of publication, although the first 2 books, The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic are probably the hardest to get into.

Alternatively, you could try starting with one of the story / character lines that runs through some of the books. Sort of mini-series within the bigger collections. L-Space, an excellent pTerry resource, has a graphic guide to help new readers decide which order to read some or all of the Discworld books in.

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