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Monday 22 August 2005

Offline Blogging from Hospital

So being stuck in a hospital ward with no internet connection other than on my mobile phone should give me the perfect opportunity to test out the offline blog editing capabilities of Ecto. If anything it is this that I would pay the registration fee for. Everything else is useful but not worth paying for.

It's funny how kids seem to be able to cope with things that would scare the bejeesus out of most adults. Connor had a BMX dropped on his head as he and his brother tried to pass it over a fence in our garden (just feet from a perfectly good gate - but that probably wouldn't have been as much fun). Sharon thinks he may have been unconscious for up to a minute and he had a very deep gash on his head. But, as soon as the nurse at the minor injuries clinic had given him some painkillers he was right as rain; charging round the hospital car park like a kid possessed.

The doctors insisted that Connor be admitted to hospital for observation and I for one was not going to argue. It was a little annoying that we had to wait 90 minutes for an ambulance to take us to another hospital just 20 minutes away. We could have driven him there and had him checked in by the time that the ambulance arrived but I totally understand why the staff have to do things strictly according to the book.

So far tonight I've explained Connor, James and Chloe's family and medical histories about 5 times. Connors had his temperature, blood pressure and pulse taken 4 times (with more to come approximately every 2 hours throughout the night) and had lights shined in his eyes by just about every member of the health profession to come within 5 feet of him. Thankfully the consensus of opinion is that he seems OK.

I've got a night of pitiful little sleep to look forward to and will probably end up having to spend half of tomorrow sleeping it off. But as any parent will tell you, I'd do it a thousand times over just to be here for him and know that he's OK.

August 22, 2005 11:13 PM | Family , Weblogging


I'm glad to hear he's OK. I remember when I was a kid and I did stuff like that. It's amazing I survived childhood.

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