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Wednesday 24 August 2005

I Just Lost The Game - More News

I LOST! - for the first time in 3 months today and was prompted to search for more developments on "The Game".

Metafilter had an entry at about the same time as the Wikipedia entry appeared. For a while the Wikipedia entry was dominated by one contributer who removed any alterations as quickly as they were added so that the entry reflected only his (frankly, inferior) version of The Game. Others were convinced that The Game was a hoax and that no-one would possibly play anything so pointless. They argued that the entry should be removed. Thankfully, they were overruled.

Via the discussion on the Wikipedia entry comes more sightings of The Game:

Unfortunately it would appear that http://www.youvelost.co.uk/ didn't last very long. There's now a website at http://ilostthegame.com/. Unfortunately this site preaches the heanious, so-called "fourth rule" that taints modern (and therefore incorrect) versions of The Game. It does, however, have a forum. Get over there and tell them how the game is realy played......

It would appear that, as The Game grows in popularity the most commonly used phrase for announcing your loss is "I just lost The Game!". A Google search on that phrase shows just how popular it is becoming.

August 24, 2005 2:42 PM | The Game


You should make up a shirt that says "I lost The Game, and now you have too."

god damn it - i dont even want to play and i'm loosing. i cant even remember _why_ i stopped by here the other day, but now i'm drawn back like some kind of cult - or worse - a pyramid marketing scheme.

the way i see it the best thing i can do is inflict this misery on every one else i know.

iamdecal - that was my thoughts too. hence the blog entries on this site about "the game"

Help me find the creator of the game! Check out The Game Tree at http://www.LoseTheGame.com

kinichie said on December 8, 2005 3:14 PM:

i lost

I just lost the game! My friend Zakk wants to know how you stop playing the game, i personally think that it is imp[ossible to stop playing, however you can become immune to it! :) who invented the game anyway? I'm from Birmingham btw! x

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