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Thursday 1 September 2005

Give the guy a break....

I dislike George W. Bush and many of his policies But it think the uproar I've been reading in US blogs today simply because he allowed himself a smile at a time when people are dyeing is a bit much.

Bush visited a naval base on VJ Day and was presented with a guitar by Mark Wills (a C&W singer apparently). He was pictured strumming the guitar and smiling. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Just because he should be concerned doesn't mean he should be permanently depressed. I for one wouldn't want my country run by someone who couldn't lift himself/herself above such events because he/she wouldn't be able to make rational objective decisions in times of crisis.

Update: OK. I take it back. At the time I wrote this entry, the coverage of the disaster in New Orleans here in the UK had not made the scale of the problem clear. In hindsight I think the level of this problem was / is such that the President should have dropped everything and cancelled all other engagements to address the rescue effort.

September 1, 2005 10:33 AM | Stuff of Interest


I'm glad you made the update. I as about to chew you out. :)

That right there was the issue. He knew what was going on, and didn't drop everything. He's the president and still can't figure out what is a priority and what isn't.

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