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Thursday 1 September 2005

Local Blogs

According to Feedmap I have 40 bloggers "nearby". Of course there's Tom who's reads here. But what the hell is this? Supposedly it's physically my nearest blog but I'm sure Burntwood can do better than that.

Distinctly Average would appear to be just down the road in Lichfield (incidentally, check out the excellent Grocery Store Wars, which I found on his site) and the completely pointless Latestne.ws just a few miles away in Bloxwich, although somehow I doubt that one.

September 1, 2005 1:18 PM | Weblogging


I dont know where they got the index for that site. It's crazy and only works property in IE, Geourl and BritBlog (Which I dont think your a member of ?) are much better.

What's pointless about latestne.ws?It's no more unworthy than you talking about funhailers or what a great time you had listening to shit music at Creamfields.Each to their own.

It seems pointless because it's a seemingly random collection of disperate news articles collected from other sites. I can't see any reason why someone would visit that site compared to, say, the BBC news site. Or Sky. Or CNN.

If I've missed the point then by all means please feel free to correct me.

Heh. That is pretty bad. Not one I'll be bothering with, I think!

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