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Wednesday 14 September 2005

Blogsearch From Google

Google has launched Google Blog Search in Beta, which does exactly what you would expect it to.

The Blog Search database indexes a site based on its XML syndication feed and currently only contains entries from the point at which it started indexing any particular feed. For many blogs it appears that this will be from June 2005 but blogs not currently listed will only have posts indexed from the date on which they are submitted for inclusion. (Or so says Google. However, it appears to have indexed my old site just fine.

Due to the additional meta data that should be included within a blogs XML feed Google Blog Search can support additional search operators including "inblogtitle:" "inposttitle:" and "inpostauthor:". Google Blog Search will produce XML feeds of its own allowing you to subscribe to either the top 10 or top 100 results for any search.

Further details are available from Google's About page.

Update: This entry took less than 30 minutes to be indexed by Google Blog Search.

September 14, 2005 10:13 AM | Weblogging


I guess it would probably be helpful if I actually *allowed* google to index my site. Ah well.

Do you not allow Google to list you? I suppose it depends upon what type of visitor you want.

My blog, as you can probably tell, is aimed as much at the casual visitor who (hopefully) finds something useful in just a single post as it is at people who, like you, return regularly.

A (very) large percentage of my visitors come from search engines.

Me too - so far as I'm even aware of an audience, I write for one-off visitors, and Google (the main index) is a major source of my traffic.

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