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Thursday 13 October 2005

Improving Google Adsense Relevancy on Blogs

One of the main problems with Google's Adsense program on weblogs is it propensity to display ads for blogs, blogging tools and weblog services regardless of the content of the site. There is a simple explanation for this. Much of the base code for these sites, created by the tools used to manage them, contains references to these types of words. Google's Adsense 'bots pick this up during their crawl and include it in the calculation to determine what the site content is.

Even my clubwear news site, which contains no such words in its content, throws up regular Adsense Ads that are blogging related.

The Adsense program has now provided a tool to try to minimise this effect; Section Targeting. You can add these Adsense only tags to the HTML of your site, in the form of comments, to emphasise or downplay sections of the page.

On this page I've used the tags to get Adsense's 'bots to emphasise the content of this main index and individual entry pages whilst ignoring the sidebars, header and footer, meta tags and HTML code generated by MT. Hopefully this should remove any reference to blogs and the Adsense ads should be relevant to the main content of each page.

Google say it may take several weeks to notice the difference whilst the 'bots re-crawl the pages. I'll let you know if and when I notice a difference on this site. Of course, because this entry uses words related to blogging quite a lot it will undo any good the tags have done, at least until this entry drops off the front page.

October 13, 2005 2:58 PM | Weblogging


Since you've been researching Adsense, perhaps you can answer something I've been wondering about.
Are you paid each time an ad is called from the Adsense server, or each time an ad is displayed on the page, or each time someone clicks on an ad?

I ask because anyone using the 'Adblock' Firefox extension doesn't see the ads at all - they're stripped out and discarded before the page is rendered.
However, I'm pretty sure they're still called from the server, so if that's the payment method, I presume you're still paid. ;)

Adsense is paid per click, some other ad companies might pay per view.

I've added some section targeting, I've also told Google to ignore the word blog. I can't really tell if it's working.

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