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Tuesday 18 October 2005

Google! Come Back! I love you.....

When I was in my late teens I had on-off relationships with a number of my ex-girlfriends. We'd get back in touch. We'd hang out together. It'd all be really friendly and sweet for a couple of weeks, maybe even a month. And then, just as I was asking myself why the two of us had ever split up.... one of us would remember why we'd split up and things would go pear shaped again.

Just over 4 months ago Google and I had a nast break up over its treatment of the BlogPhiles Webring in the search results for the word Blog. Google dropped the site from a top 10 result to outside of the top 500 and my Adsense income from the site dropped from around 80 per month to about 4 per month. I understood Google had its reasons and I wasn't about to force it into a relationship it didn't want but I was a little hurt.

Keen to stay friends, over the following months I kept in touch using Google Rankings. After the acrimony of the break-up Google softened and BlogPhiles quickly climbed back into the top 100. But it stalled there, we were friends but nothing more than that. After a while, I stopped chasing. We'd see each other around; we still had the same friends after all. We'd be friendly and civil but I had to accept that it was over.

Then, about a month ago, Google gave me a call. It'd been drinking. It said it missed me, it didn't know why we'd ever split up. Google was sorry and asked if we could give it another go. BlogPhiles was dropped straight back into the top 10. Traffic was up again. Visitors were coming and, more importantly, they were clicking on the Adsense ads.

I made more of an effort this time round. If I was being given a second chance, I wanted to make the best of it. I smartened myself up, using what I learnt about effective Adsense placing to improve the site. And WOW! What a time we had. It was even better than we remembered it..... Click thru rates of upto 30%. Earning even higher than before. "Google... I love you! Lets make this permanent!"


Google's left me again, of course. I should have seen it coming. I've been so blind. Not even a month.... I feel so used. Sure, there's the odd "Booty Call" as I believe the Americans call it but it's not the same. Google's new search algorithms are so fickle. One moment you're the centre of attention; hugs, kisses and top 10 rankings. Next minute it's walking past you as if you didn't exist.

Still, it was one hell of a ride. As they say "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all." I'll always hold a special place in my wallet for Google and I'll always be hoping it comes back to me.

This picture will always remind me of that one, special month together.....

October 18, 2005 12:26 PM | Website Design


The document still has no semanatics, its not suprising that Google doesent like you.

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