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Tuesday 25 October 2005

How to win the national lottery every week

James Lilek has a superb idea for turning around the experience of entering the national lottery each week.

As normal, purchase a single national lottery ticket. Memorise the numbers. Then eat your lottery ticket.

Instantly, "losing" numbers become a winning combination but each time one of your numbers is drawn you get closer to losing out on a massive prize. Should all 6 of your numbers be drawn you'd become the nation's biggest loser, but you can console yourself with the fact that there's only a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of that happening.

Update: There's 2 alternatives that occur to me:

1) The cheapskate's option. Decide on 6 numbers but don't buy a ticket. Pretty much the same results but less money for good causes.

2) The "double your pain" option. Buy a ticket and give it to your worst enemy. Someone you know will lord it over you if they win. Just imagine the fear and dread that sets in if the first 2 balls drawn match the numbers you chose. And the feeling of relief when none of the remaining balls do.

October 25, 2005 10:17 AM | Surfing for distraction


I know someone (first hand) that played the same numbers each week and then the one week they forgot 5 came out.

Ouch! That'd hurt.....

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