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Thursday 17 November 2005

Blogging Decorum

So I've got a blogger dilemma.....

What do you do if you've got a site in your blogroll that you used to read but no longer do so but they have your site in their blogroll?

Do you leave the link there for old time’s sake? Pretend like you still read them so that they'll continue to link to you?

Do you email them and apologize for not reading them any more? Tell them it's nothing personal but that you find there endless drivel a little bit tedious these days? (Can I just point out that this doesn't actually apply to anyone in my blogroll... it's an exaggeration to make a point - wouldn't want you guys getting upset). Give them the opportunity to take their link to you down?

Do you quietly remove the link without saying anything and hope they don't notice but continue to link to you regardless?

Have you had a site that previously linked to you remove said link? How did it make you feel? I have. The first couple of times it happened I worried about what I'd done to offend them. Whether I'd said something that upset them personally or whether they just no longer found me interesting.

I've come to realise that peoples' taste in weblogs will change. I read very few of the sites I used to read 3 years ago. Not because they've changed (although quite a few disappeared completely) but because I have.

November 17, 2005 8:36 PM | Weblogging


An option you didn't mention: Post a blog entry where you agonise at length over the difficult decision and hope they read it and understand.

I almost took offense there. Although, drivel is all that comes out of me, so....

Some people have 2 blogrolls or some such thing. One for the people they read and another for recipirolling.

I have people on my blogroll that I don't read everyday, but I leave them there because they've blogrolled me.

As someone who has benefited enormously from your blogroll, I think anyone would be slightly bitter to be removed. At the same time, the brevity of your roll inspired me to start removing crap I don't read from my roll. Reciprocating links is a nice thought, but not necessary - at least not on your sidebar. After all, if you really don't like the other site, why should you promote it? Your Technorati link seems a perfectly acceptable reciprolink. And I promise not to not stop reading you even if I'm removed from your roll.

Every link on my page is to sites I do genuinely read. To be honest I use those links as a 'my favourites'. If other people make use of them then so much the better. I have been taken off a few sites but that's because I was a lazy bugger who didn't post for nearly six months.

its me isnt it!! ISNT IT!!

(sorry, paranoia kicking in)

i've found although im reading more and more sites , I blog roll people less and less these days, as i tend to add their sites straight to my rss reader instead..

although since my thunderbird hasnt noticed any new posts from you since - Tetka - Falling Bush - thats probly not the best way to be going about it.

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