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Wednesday 18 January 2006

When technology (companies) bites back

Technology is like a depressed nurse (believe me - I've lived with one); it's a life-saver when it's working but soul destroying when it breaks down. Thankfully, it doesn't threaten to call the police on you, scream and shout when you kick it out or sleep with your friends.

My NTL internet connection at home is still working less often than a Uni student. And keeping roughly the same hours - having been up between the hours of midnight and 8am last night.

And yesterday my Orange SPV M2000 got broken. The screen has been damaged. Not a problem I thought. I took out their insurance, which covers accidental damage, so I'll be covered for a new one. Nope.

Apparently, so the orange call centre girly told me, as I am uncertain as to exactly how the phone got damaged, I'm not covered. If I'd read the insurance terms and conditions, she explained, I'd be aware of this. (Take a look - see if you can find it.)

I'm sorry to say that I lost my rag when she told me this and swore at her a couple of times. She offered to have a supervisor call me back and, I was mildly surprised, he did actually call me back.

The supervisor told me that there wasn't actually a clause that says this. Instead, Orange can refuse claims caused by "any wilful act, neglect or failure to take reasonable care" (clause 4.1.9) and if I couldn't describe how the damage occurred they couldn't be satisfied that I'd taken reasonable care. I quietly and calmly explained that, although I couldn't remember any specific incident that could have caused the damage, I took reasonable care during the period it got damaged.

He has now passed the case to their internal insurance reviewers who should get back to me within 72 hours. But there is still a chance that they won't pay out. It will cost approx 300 to replace the phone.

Update: After 3 or 4 days of to-ing and fro-ing, Orange have finally agreed that the phone is covered and have replaced it. Nice work fellas. For a while there, my regard for your company was hanging in the balance.

January 18, 2006 1:58 PM | Gadgets


its very odd that say they cover you against lose, when by its very definition you must have been "neglecting" to take "reasonable care" of it if you lost it.

of course, if you just happend to turn it on again and all was okay, then next week it "just stoped working" while you were definiatly taking care of it, they'd be a lot happier im sure.

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