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Tuesday 24 January 2006

Problems with the Orange SPV M5000, ActiveSync and Zone Alarm

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear me-ee. etc. etc..
(please don't sing this to the original tune - I couldn't afford the royalties).

So, after the flight disappointment I decided to cheer myself up by spending more money that we don't have on upgrading my (recently replaced) phone to the Orange SPV M5000.

I've not really had much time to play with it, but I already know that I am going to love it more than the SPV M2000, which I really liked.

However, I have already come across one problem. To be fair, the problem lies more with Microsoft's ActiveSync software than with the SPV M5000.

I intend to pass the SPV M2000 to Sharon so will need to be able to continue sync'ing that phone as well as the SPV M5000 to my PC to keep contact details and diaries up to date. However, when I installed version 4.0 of ActiveSync (provided with the M5000) I couldn't sync either phone. AS 4.0 would connect to the SPV M5000 but wouldn't sync any of Outlook's data (contacts, calendar or notes).

After trying AS version 3.8 (worked with the M2000 but not with the M5000) I installed version 4.1 (again - after uninstalling and reinstalling - worked with the M2000 but not the M5000). In desperation I called Orange's customer services. It appears that AS 4.1 doesn't play nicely with firewalls and most firewalls need some adjustments made to their settings. Unfortunately, to make the required settings I will need to upgrade my installation of the free Zone Alarm to the paid-for Zone Alarm Pro ($40). Gadget Dude uses Zone Alarm Pro and he was able to get AS 4.1 working properly.

For the moment I'm having to disable Zone Alarm (and, consequently, disconnect the internet) any time I want to sync the SPV M5000. Strangely, I don't need to disable ZA when I sync the SPV M2000.

I'll post some more on living with the SPV M5000 once I've had chance to give it a proper test drive.

January 24, 2006 11:20 PM | Gadgets


Sheepdip said on February 1, 2006 10:46 AM:

Got my SPV M5000 yesterday and was having the same Active Sync problems as you. Seem to have sorted this now (although it does seem very slow) by editing Zone Alarm (the free version). If you click on 'firewall' and the 'zones' tab you should see an entry for a 'Windows Mobile-based device' and the zone is probably set for the 'Internet'. Click on the word 'Internet' and change this to 'Trusted'. Delete the original partnership and connect again. Hopefully, you should have success like I did! Good luck, it seems like a great unit despite being larger than our old M2000 - just need to find a decent car cradle now....

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