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Friday 27 January 2006

Making money through Adsense

This month I'm set to make my largest earnings from Adsense since signing up for the program, despite the fact that blogphiles.com still barely registers on Google.

Blogphiles was historically my best Adsense earner but only when it was ranking highly on Google searches for blog. Now 4-club.co.uk is my main earner but this site brings in a fair amount too. Using a combination of Adsense's Channels and RevenueMonitor (currently in beta), I have been able to identify which ads have performed best in which locations.

Both Blogphiles.com and 4-club.co.uk are single issue websites that rank (or did rank) well on Google for searches on that issue. They both perform best with Ad Link Units that are placed top and centre to the page.

4-club.co.uk regularly achieves click through rates on Ad Link Units alone of 20% to 30%.

This site has no one subject and seems not to do well from Ad Link Units.

When I first placed Adsense adverts on this site they were about half way down the page on the right hand site. They attracted next to no clicks. When I moved them up to the top right the click through rate increased slightly. It seemed roughly unchanged when I changed to Ad Link Units but increased when I placed a picture immediately underneath it.

Having performed poorly with Adsense Ads initially, I didn't add any more adverts for some time. However, when I added a single Ad to the bottom of each archive entry they performed (comparatively) well, achieving click through rates of 2 to 5%, an improvement on the original 0.2%.

Improving the performance of adverts on your site will depend upon the layout, content and visitors.

January 27, 2006 4:17 PM | Weblogging


great blog. I've been thinking of using adsense on my blog as soon as I get enough traffic

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