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Thursday 16 February 2006

The UNO Coffee Pod System

For Valentines Day I bought Sharon a coffee pod brewing system. Money's a bit tight at the moment so I have to admit I bought one of the cheaper ones on the market via Amazon.co.uk.

I went for Russell Hobbs' Uno:Uno system. Considering it is approximately half the price of most other systems on the market at the moment, I am impressed with the quality of the coffee it makes.

Pods for the Uno:Uno system don't appear to be on sale in our local supermarket so must be ordered via the internet (although this review suggests they're available from Sainsbury's). Uno:Uno's own website sells them at £2.99 for 18 pods (17p each) with tea pods at the same price and free P&P.

There's also an excellent online coffee pods retailer at www.cafepods.com (or www.easypods.co.uk - they're both the same). The Uno:Uno system uses non-standard size pods so you'll need to buy an adaptor. Once you have this you can purchase anything from www.cafepods.com's much larger range of coffees. These work out a little more expensive, starting at £9.95 for 50 (20p per pod) plus P&P (unless you spend over £30). We've just ordered some today so I'll update this entry to let you know what they're like.

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I had a Tassimo for Xmas. I use it all the time and it makes perfect tea/coffee/chocolate. Great when we've got frends round and they all want something different as well as conventient when you want some *real* coffee and you don't want to make a whole pot full of the stuff.

julian said on February 23, 2006 3:40 AM:

iam real temted to buy a cheap uno off ebay,,but the pods being differant size and hard to come by locally worries me.
ive seen the link with the adapter to goto 44 mm,just wondering have u ever found a adapter that goes to the larger size pods.
and also has anybody got the senseo pods to work at all, reaosn i ask,there are some cracking deals on ebay for senseo pods.

Irene said on March 12, 2006 11:20 PM:

I use the senseo pods in my uno coffee maker and they work fine. All I do is make a small fold in them to make them a little smaller, then they fit into the pod holder. Haven't had any problems with them and the coffee is great. I have also read that the kenko pods will also work....but I have yet to try them.

julian said on March 23, 2006 2:21 AM:

me again
i did buy one off ebay, and i can say i also have bought an adaptor for cafepods uk, basically its a rubber ring that fits into the holder, so the 44mm pods fir more snug.
although i now find that the adaptor works better with any senso pods, because they seem to be a more softer pod, like a teabag.
infact i havnt had one leak yet using the adaptor and senso (62mm) pods, were the non senso pods do leak as there very hard, also bought pods from ebay not found cheaper yet.

you may also like to know soon cafepods uk are making a better adaptor for the uno, i think its going to be a complete new holder but the correct size for the smallr pods.i think its going to be 4.95.

i still cant beleive though how hard it is to find the correct 55mm size pods for this machine...anybody find anywere at deceent price can you post here please.

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