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Thursday 16 March 2006

Adsense Annoyance

You may not have noticed (hah!), but I'm a member of the Adsense Programme and display Google's Adsense adverts on this and my other sites. It makes me a teeny bit of money and covers the moderate hosting costs for my various internet presences.

Some time ago Google introduced the "Advertise on this Site" option, a link on the Google ads that allows a prospective advertiser to choose to advertise on a particular site through the Adsense program. Just recently Google has added to the Adsense Reports the ability to see how many of these targeted ads are shown on your sites.

And here comes my annoyance. Someone is advertising on this site through the Adsense programme (that's not the annoying bit, obviously). Not massively, just 1 to 5 shows per day. As yet, I don't think any of them have been clicked on. But Google won't tell me who the advertiser is. Until someone clicks on the ad there is absolutely no way of me finding out. There's very little chance of me ever actually seeing the advert. Yesterday it was shown once out of 1,200 page views (according to Sitemeter).

So I'm curious. Who is it that ranks this humble site as worthy of advertising on? What does that advert say? I'm dying to find out.

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