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Friday 21 April 2006

Mobile Disco Companies Targeted by Email Scam

If you run a mobile disco company in the UK, please see this article on www.uk-disco.co.uk/.

My mobile disco company has been targeted by this email scan several times. The first time I actually responded to the email before it dawned on my that there was just something not right about the enquiry.

The scam works in the same way as the Certified Cashier Cheque (Check) Scam I have posted about before. The "client" sends you a cashiers cheque or bankers draft which will clear into your account. They then cancel and request the payment is returned. Then, sometime later, your bank will reverse the credit to your account because the cheque / bankers draft was fake.

An example email (as given by www.uk-disco.co.uk/) follows after the jump:

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Good day,
How are you doing? I am Mr Larry Gbabs from united State and i am organising a birthday party for my son that is 18yrs old who is Kenneth by name and the party will takes place in my house in 2 ARKWRIGHT ROAD,HAMPSTEAD.LONDON NW3 6AD UK and i got to find your advertistment on the website,so i will like to know if you are still available for the date which is 4th of March 2006. Also I want to have your price for the service on the date and you will take time for a good service and bring along good mixers cos the party will start by 12 noon in the afternoon and ends up by 6.00pm in the evening.so let me know the cost of the service ?
Concerning your travelling here,i will need to have your full home address? for booking your ticket and send to you by courier services which you will be coming by first class courier to my house in Hampstead.Also names to be used on payment and your ticket? So let me know the cost for the service and also advise me back so that i can arrange in sending you a Cheque as soon as we clearify with exact cost. I await your email today.
Larry Gbabs
April 21, 2006 8:40 PM | Disco & Agency , Scams


Hey! My site is password protected now!

I don't see an e-mail address on your mainpage, but please e-mail me and I'll send you the info.

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