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Tuesday 1 August 2006

Another "good guy" falls

Mel Gibson Mug ShotIt's funny how you build up a mental image of the famous people. How you expect them to be. Some people you just feel are "good guys" and some people are not.

For some reason, I always thought Mel Gibson was a good guy. Don't ask my why or what I'm basing that impression on. However, it would appear not. His recent arrest for drunk driving (absolutely hammered driving it would appear) is big news as is the fact that he was abusive and anti-Semitic during the arrest. However, the full details of his actions have not been widely published. TMZ.com has the worst details on his outburst including the classic reference to a female cop as "sugar tits".

It's always disappointing to find out that these people are not who you thought they were.

On the plus side, in his mug shot (top-right here) he looks much better now he's got rid of that ridiculous beard. Also, If you would like to develop your own confectionery/anatomy insult The Daily Gut has a handy help sheet.

August 1, 2006 10:27 AM | Entertainment

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