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Sunday 1 October 2006

Give Away

2 weeks ago I put my entire life into a bag and gave it to a stranger.

OK, not my entire life, but my business, my bank details, my photographs, my music.... It was all in my laptop, in my laptop bag which, for the first time ever, I left in the back of the car. I left it for an hour maximum whilst I went for a goodbye drink with my former colleagues.

Some b4st4rd, during the short time I spent saying goodbye, helped himself to a bag from my car. For him, it was probably worth 40 to 50; enough to buy him drugs to relieve him of his tired, desperate, sad life for another 45 minutes. To me, it's cost many many hours to rebuild my business records. It's robbed me of some treasured photographs. It's opened up the possibility that someone could get access to my online accounts.

Unfortunately, he chose a time (on my way home from my last day at work) when my bag contained, not just my laptop, but also my camera and my house keys.

It was, regretfully, a sour note on which to end my wonderful time at VATease.

October 1, 2006 10:39 PM | Family

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