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Monday 9 April 2007

Tourettes on Sky+

It's been a while since I've posted. It's difficult to explain why but has something to do with the anger I've been feeling recently. For the last month I've been constantly on an extremely short fuse, just permanently angry. And the worst bit is that it makes me completely uncommunicative.

However, it's at times like this that other people's stories of success over adversity seem to touch me most. I've just watched Tourettes on the Job, part of Five's Hidden Lives series.

Programmes of this nature can descend very easily into the realm of freak show but this series, and particularly this programme, manages to avoid this problem quite well. Tracking the problems, set backs and successes of tourettes sufferers of varying degrees, the programme was absolutely fascinating, inspirational and, at times (it has to be said) absolutely hilarious. But, as some of the sufferers said, some of what they do is amusing. How they overcome it, is not less than mind-blowing.

The programme, which was broadcast a week ago, has sat on my Sky+ box since then. Sharon's away this evening, so (after doing 3 weeks worth of washing, sorting the boys out, sorting out the boys stuff for tomorrow, finding and replacing some brake pads and discs for our Kia Sedona, making lunch for tomorrow, etc., etc., etc.) I've had chance to catch up on some stuff I've recorded recently.

Sky+ has changed the way I watch TV completely. Mainly, I watch much less. I don't watch TV because I know I can record it if I have something else I'd rather be doing. Much of what I record then never gets watched.

Sky+ has been a godsend for the recent F1 races though, both of which have been early morning fixtures on days after I've been DJing. It has allowed me to watch the races when I've got up rather than waiting for the delayed replays.

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