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Wednesday 18 April 2007

New Website Projects

Over the last couple of months I've been working on a couple of new website design projects.

The first is The Barry Diston & Fidget Weblog. So far, we've got the index page sorted but need to update the archive and other pages up to match. The page is based upon Barry Diston's main website but changed for better use as a weblog. It's still a work in progress with much to be done to the left have menu. At the moment though, I'm struggling to get to grips with Movable Type 3 tags for trackbacks and comments. Far, far too complicated compared to MT 2.6.

The second, is my own project. It was born from a desire to find an easily accessible archive of the UK Top 40. UK Top 40 Archive will be a weekly update archive of the UK Top 40 Singles and Albums chart. So far, I've struggled with the layout of the charts archives themselves but I think I've solved that. Now I'm slowly, organically developing the template for the main index. Once I've got that I'll move it across to the archive pages too. This page is unabashedly intended to make money from the advertising and affiliate links.

April 18, 2007 11:24 PM | Website Design


Fred said on April 20, 2007 6:27 PM:

Don't think I'll be clicking on them too often,bit naff !!!

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