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Saturday 10 May 2008

Testing Testing

Within 30 minutes of me finally getting MT4 working again, I started to receive my first comment spam.

MT's built in comment protection is doing a reasonable job stopping the majority of the most obvious spam. However it's not stopping the 10 to 20 comments an hour that comprise of the phrase "Nice Site, thank you!" or something similar with a link in the user name.

So for the last fortnight I've been trying to install a script of plugin to knock these robots on the head.

There are plenty that would do the job adequately, if I could get them to work. My preference is for the plugin reCaptcha. The project reCaptcha aims to use CAPTCHAs to help with optical character recognition. A CAPTCHA placed on your site shows 2 words, one of which it knows, the other it doesn't. Your site users then enter both words, one of which is used to verify the user for your comment entry and the other of which helps with the OCR of a book scanning project.

All well and good. Very noble. Unfortunately I can't get it to work.

Problem is, I wrote the templates for my weblog when I was using MT2.6. The reCaptcha plugin is written for MT4 comment tags. Try as I might, I can't get my head around MT4's comment tags enough to transplant them into my old template.

So, to get to the point I started out trying to make, As I try to get this, or another alternative, to work there may be times when commenting doesn't work. If you should find this to be the case, I'd be grateful if you'd email me as I may not be aware of it. paul [at] theaardvark [dot] co [dot] uk. Also there may be a proliferation "test" comments whilst I check out the system.

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