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Monday 12 May 2008

Twitter based LazyWeb help

I've come up with a new web service idea. It combines the LazyWeb and Twitter.

The LazyWeb is the idea that rather than trying to resolve a problem yourself you simply search for a solution in the Net or ask in a public forum. The idea is that the web is so big now that someone will have solved the problem already and written about it on the Net or read the question you've posted.

Twitter seems to be the ideal place to build upon this idea.

So, the idea is:

  1. You send the question you want answered to the service's Twitter account.
  2. The question is posted on the service's website and on its Twitter account.
  3. Anyone with the answer could either reply directly to your Twitter account or enter the answer via the service's website
  4. The service's website keeps an archive of the questions and answers.

And the name of this new service?

Update: Corrected error with link.

Can you believe I forked out for a domain name on the basis of a stupid pun? In my defence, I've had a small amount to drink and I reckon there's half a chance the domain could pay for itself with some Adsense ads.
May 12, 2008 8:57 PM | Random Humour , Weblogging

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