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Wednesday 28 May 2008

Two Miles to Tynecastle

A good friend of mine is a huge, huge fan of Heart of Midlothian, Hearts, a Scottish Premier League football team based in Edinburgh. Hearts has a great many dedicated fans, but none like Andrew-Henry Bowie.

Andrew-Henry is a man who measures the various stages of his life by what was happening to Hearts at the time. He has a total recollection of every game Hearts has played, where he was when he watched it and what else was happening at the time. But. not only this, he can expand every incident into a story that is both absorbing and reflective of the era in which it happened.

Andrew-Henry has written a book, Two Miles to Tynecastle, about his support for Hearts and how it weaves its way through his life, following and creating his highs and lows.

If you're a sports fan of any type, I encourage you to buy Two Miles to Tynecastle. You'll recognise and empathise with the emotions Andrew-Henry goes through as Hearts win, and lose, throughout his life.

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