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Sunday 8 June 2008

Federation against Copyright Theft

I went to see Iron Man at the cinema this afternoon with James. Before the film started there were 3 promotional shorts aimed at reducing illegal downloading. A touch excessive don't you think.

The first attempted to belittle illegal downloaders, calling the one on screen "Dick", showing him sitting watching the film in his underpants and ridiculing geeks throughout. It's not only wrong (the film the guy was supposed to be watching was unbelievably low-res) but incredibly condescending and insulting to what is now a major part of the demographic, and almost all of the demographic they were trying to target. I was in a cinema with only 6 other people (excluding James) and 3 of those were under 10. Yet even amongst that "crowd" I could hear some sounds of insulted derision. Not really going to be particularly effective is it?

The second, and perhaps the one that would most persuade me not to download films, concentrated on the positive benefits of watching a film at the cinema. The superior picture quality, the better sound, the proper popcorn (OK, not that but it is a major attraction of the cinema) and wide selection of films being show.

The third was a text warning about the illegality of recording the film and threatening to evict anyone using any kind or recording equipment. If ever there was something guaranteed not to get people on your side, it's threatening them with eviction and legal action.

Sometimes it's hard to believe just how out of touch with their audience the film studios, who are (let's face it) behind FaCT, can be.

June 8, 2008 11:11 PM | Entertainment

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