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Wednesday 2 July 2008

Building Burntwood.Org

As I try to build Burntwood.Org I'm offering free entries, which amounts to free advertising, to local businesses. It easy content from my point of view but it's also, hopefully, useful to my target audience. And it should be attractive to the businesses to be included.

So far I've got:

Simon Ashead - A window cleaner in Burntwood.
The Brownhills branch of Perfect Pizza - A pizza restaurant that delivers to Burntwood.
Naseeb Balti House - An Balti Restaurant and Takeaway in Burntwood.
Aardvark Faces - A Children's Facepainter in Burntwood. (and yes, it is associated)
Pete Emms - A carpenter and |joiner in Burntwood.

I'm also adding some information pages that will be useful for anyone new to the area or people from Burntwood that want additional information about the town. 2 I've created so far are:

Petrol Stations in and around Burntwood. Includes a Google map showing locations.
English Breakfast Cafés in Burntwood.

I'm also looking to make the site as interactive as possible through the use of the comments facility. On the Café page, for example, I'm encouraging people to recommend or review Cafés for inclusion.

July 2, 2008 11:20 PM | Burntwood

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