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Friday 11 July 2008

Review of Rustler's Zingy Chicken Burger

Rustler's Zingy Chicken Burger

The natural law of the universe requires me to hate this culinary abomination. Some kind of reformed chicken meat burger, chock full of E-numbers that you cook in a microwave on a bun that doesn't go rock solid when you microwave it with its own disposable hotplate. And yet... And yet... Maybe it's the plentiful Peri Peri Hot Sauce that comes with it searing my tastebuds into submission. Maybe it's the burger bun that stays wonderfully soft even after 90s in a microwave. Somehow I can't dislike this. Sure it's no flame-grilled Burger King or KFC effort. But for £1 for something I can prepare in the office during my lunchbreak, it's not half bad. I can honestly say, I wouldn't be disappointed to have that in my lunchbox again. And, for this type of food, that's probably about as big a recommendation as anything's going to get. The universe can take a running jump, I don't hate it.

Rated 3/5 on Jul 11 2008
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July 11, 2008 1:26 PM | Reviews

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