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Wednesday 26 February 2003

Do you have a spare ten minutes?

If so, if you're not doing anything too important, then take a quick read through Sympathy for the Devil by Dave Farber. If you don't get distracted, read it through to the end. I'm torn. I'm torn between thinking the...

Monday 24 February 2003

Electric Bloo

A friend of my Dad's joined the army when he was eighteen. Not the most muscular of people he was occasionally the butt of the joke for the more established members of his Brigade (division, troop, whatever....). One night, whilst...

Race me!

Site meters are not accurate. Different site meters will give different results. So, just to see what happens, I've added another counter to this site courtesy of Blogpatrol.com....

Saturday 22 February 2003

It smells of music

One of the first posts I made on this weblog, on the day I started it, linked a website detailing somebody's personal experiences with synaesthesia. I was, and still am, fascinated by how a person's senses can be "crossed-wired" so...

Thursday 20 February 2003

Mark stood on the magnetic deck

...his pockets full of haiku. (What?) I don't have an artistic bone in my body. I couldn't write poetry, haiku or a rhyming couplet if my life depended upon it (although I managed a few dirty limericks as a kid,...

So, just what should we do?

I fully agree that war should be absolutely the last resort for any problem. I just happen to believe that we have reached that point. If you don't believe that, then I respect your point of view. If you believe...

Tuesday 18 February 2003

Because I want to

...and after all, isn't that what this little corner of the interweb highway is for? These photos probably have very little technical merit and probably little interest to anyone except me, but I like them....

Phuriously Phlogging

The emergence of mobile phones with picture messaging abilities has happened at almost exactly the same time as the explosion of blogging. So it's only to be expected that the 2 have merged over at Phlog.net. Once you've set up...

Getting home from the pub

3 things I've never done: 1) Drive semi-naked, 2) Set fire to my own backside & 3) Pilot a motorised bar stool. This New Zealand man managed all 3 in one go.I take my hat off to him....

Thursday 13 February 2003


Aaaaannnd relax! Whatever your thoughts on war, you'll need to make sure everyone notices your nipples. Of course, your geek mates may be distracted. Don't ask me why but this page on the art of saying "Hello" appealed to me....


I have avoided this subject for as long as I have felt able because I suspect my views do not match those of the majority of people who read this blog. But, at the risk of being ostracised by everyone...

Tuesday 11 February 2003

TV heaven & hell

ITV1 has managed to go from the excellent to the downright awful in just 24 hours. The Second Coming was a superb 2 part drama screened on Sunday and Monday night. I'm not one for TV dramas, they're all far...


I've not been part of the big anti-microsoft thing. I tend to think that they've only got as big as they are because they made something that the public wanted. As always though, if you have any organisation that wields...

Sunday 9 February 2003

Free Love

Just lately I've become a little obsessed with Courtney Love. OK, so obsessed is a little strong, I'm not stalking her around the country and sending letters penned in blood or anything (alhtough it would brighten my day up a...

Saturday 8 February 2003

Due to unforeseen circumstances

I'm not a believer in the paranormal. The thought that any of my dead relatives are "looking over me" would fill me with dread. Especially if they don't have any censors. Can you imagine your Grandad looking in on you...

Slightly sick searches

Haven't done this for a while. It never ceases to amaze me just what search phrases will bring people to this site. japanese woman nude sushi - What? There's some really obvious jokes about the smell of sushi, but I'll...

Monday 3 February 2003

I rule

I failed to take over the world a couple of months ago. So the alternative is to set up my own country. Come visit. I seem to be having some crime and corruption problems at the moment because I'm a...

More Links

A few more links I meant to post last week. Google Dance - An informative and brief guide to the madness that happens once a month when Google shakes up its database. If you have a site that relies on...

Saturday 1 February 2003


So. Sharon spent weeks psyching herself up for this operation. She spent days organising things like child-care with relatives. I took a days leave from work at a value of approximately 100 and gave away 200 worth of disco bookings...

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