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Friday 30 April 2004

Sounds alright

I've always been fascinated by whale song. Not in a new age "hippy" way but I do find most of it extremely relaxing and intriguing. whalesounds.com has several different whale sound track that are ideal as chill out ambient sound....

Thursday 29 April 2004


I want a theBoom, Noise Cancelling Headset. But I'm not sure I want it $149.99 (85) worth....

Wednesday 28 April 2004

2 New Terry Pratchett Books

Top news! Terry Pratchett has not 1 but 2 new books out in the near future! A Hat Full of Sky would appear to be a follow up to the excellent The Wee Free Men. It appears that it may...

Tuesday 27 April 2004

Three Questions - Social Misfit

Second up with 3 questions was Social Misfit (who has also answered three questions I asked). 1. Hairy legs or hairy armpits which is the most unattractive on a woman? - Jesus. Straight in with the tough ones huh! Erm....

Three Questions - Peeping Tom

The first to get in with 3 questions was Peeping Tom Q1. If you could only drink one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be? - Probably Stella Artois. I never used to be much of...

Auto generated blog content

I'm not big on blogging memes. They're harmless, sometimes fun and occasionally interesting. They have their place, although a blog whose content consists of nothing but "Which testicle are you..." quiz results is probably not going to receive much interest....

My Treo keeps crashing!

My Treo 6000 keeps crashing at random times. I've posted on the forum at pdaPhoneHome.com to see if anyone can help me solve the problem....

Monday 26 April 2004

Ebay Woo-yay!

Woot! There's been a little flurry of bids for my Manchester United 1999 Signed Football on Ebay and it has finally reached it reserve with over a day left. Here's hoping the action continues and takes the price higher....

Saturday 24 April 2004

Ebay Auctioneer again

My second item on Ebay is a Mamas & Papas pram we don't need any more. This time I decided to put a little more effort into the presentation of the listing. My first item isn't exactly going great guns...

Friday 23 April 2004

Post-apocalyptic party

Over at Head Wide Open there's a much sunnier than normal view of how life would be immediately after the majority of the worlds population are turned into zombies. Shopping mall discos, endless moving target practise and keep fit regimes...

Tuesday 20 April 2004

It's the wrong time of year for me.

So here we are again. Every year I convince myself that it's not really effecting me, that I'm OK. But still, at this time of year I become a little more introspective; a little more reserved; a bit more run...

Today - tonight

Today was a good day. Tonight is a rough night. Maybe tomorrow I'll explain........

Sunday 18 April 2004

Arseburgers Syndrome

If you want some touching blog reading, you should go check out Lynn's recent posts about her son's and her family's struggle to get his school and education authority to recognise the possibility that he has Asperger's Syndrome (a neurobiological...

Ebay Auctioneer

Well, I've done it. After months of nagging from my in-laws I've finally listed my first item for auction on Ebay.co.uk, a Manchester United (Man Utd) 1999 Signed Football. I bought it in a charity auction almost 2 years ago...

Bunny Love

Aah! The pain of unrequited love or annoyance of unwanted attention. Think "Pepe Le Pew" meets manga meets "Hello Kitty" and you get Cat & Bunny Love....


I'm proper sick at the moment. Some kind of gastric flu I think. You don't want to know the details. And I'm flying up to Edinburgh this afternoon. That'll be fun. I'm just hoping to be better by tomorrow when...

Thursday 15 April 2004


I've changed how I read weblogs. Completely. And it has finally shown me what RSS is supposed to be about. Previously I would run down my Blogroll (currently over Now I make a single visit to Bloglines, a free, web...

Wednesday 14 April 2004

I'm as f***ing idiot

In the previous entry, I reproduced a piece of code used by a Trojan email / website to download programs onto PCs. I put the code in as text to show what the Trojan does. I completely ignored the possibility...

Purchase confirmation phishing

This morning at work we received a message in our email supposedly confirming our purchase of a domain name and hosting for a total of $79.85. This email is a scam designed to infect PCs with a Trojan program (which...

Sunday 11 April 2004

Automotive sadness

This week eBay, the online market of the kitsch and ridiculous, surpassed itself in the hawking of pure, unadulterated, automotive tatt. Firstly a "Spooling Turbo device". The adult (adult? immature boy racer more like) version of the playing card in...

Passion of the Peeps

I seem to remember that at least one of this site's regular readers first started reading when I posted a link to a site about marshmallow peeps. Courtesy of Boing Boing comes a link to an online newspaper article about...

Thursday 8 April 2004

Apodyopsis to Colposinquanonia

greenfairy.com has a short list of rare (but genuine - as far as I can tell) words. I love these and I'm regularly guilty of at least 2 of the following: Apodyopsis - The act of mentally undressing someone Colposinquanonia...

Wednesday 7 April 2004

PC Magazine Top 100 Websites

AS based PC magazine has released a list of its Top 100 Websites. I can't vouch for all of them and the list is very US centric (especially the sports related sites) but the few I've checked out seem quite...

Tuesday 6 April 2004

"The Game" grows

The number of people playing (and losing) The Game is growing. The latest sightings are in a University Maths Newsletter and a web forum at uk-learning.net. If you're not playing The Game, congratulations - you're winning! (At least you were...

Bleeding Obvious

aardvark.dj: Left Handed Mobile Comments this page sucks it has nothing to do with aardvarks at all. Posted by: Mr Hamill at April 5, 2004 12:17 AM And your point is? I don't remember ever saying that this page has...

Thursday 1 April 2004

Atom template for Movable Type

I wanted to create an Atom feed for this site so that aggregators can include links and pictures but I know next to nothing about the format so I needed a standard template. I found two, one at http://www.movabletype.org/ and...

The Archers to get remixed theme tune

The long running agricultural soap opera on Radio 4, The Archers, is to get a new theme tune remixed by Brian Eno. The Archers, about life in a small rural village, has become a national institution and its theme tune...

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