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Wednesday 30 June 2004

This place is an airport....

No real entry today but a plethora of stuff harvested from this damn fine procrastination device called the internet. PowerPizza - This site has some fictional products and I can't tell whether this is one of them, but either way...

Tuesday 29 June 2004

Catch me if you can

Greystone Inn

Greystone Inn is another excellent web-based comic strip that I will be adding to my list of "Must Reads" (that I very rarely actually get round to reading, but would really like to). As with all of these things, I...

Monday 28 June 2004

The Peanut Butter Killer

Noooooo Tell me it can't be true! Dean's World has destroyed my after-work snack. Apparently Peantus and Peanut Butter are deadly*. It can't be! I love my peanut butter. Only the crunchy, obviously. Smooth peanut butter is the work of...

Sunday 27 June 2004

New driver warning sign

Found at Snowbabies...

Adopted aardvark

My fathers day present arrived this weekend. Sharon and the kids have adopted some aardvarks at Colchester Zoo for me (website down at time of writing). Apparently it took Sharon weeks to find a zoo in the UK that...

Friday 25 June 2004

We wus robbed!

OK. I don't watch football (soccer). And when I do, I support Scotland. But I'm not one of those Scotland supporters who would rather anyone win than England. If Scotland aren't playing then I will follow and support England. Last...

Thursday 24 June 2004

Lindsay Lohan's Boobs - Real or Fake?

AdvertUK: Pre-order Lindsay Lohan's 2006 Calendar or Lindsay Lohan's 2006 Wall Calendar US: Pre-order Lindsay Lohan's 2006 Calendar My recent post on Maria Menounos' Boobs (well, it was more of a link to ApeChild's detailed exmination) has become one of...

Wednesday 23 June 2004

No Moore Michael

Go Dan! Go Dan! Go Dan! Extrasonic links a good old slagging of The Fat Hypocrite's Fahrenheit 9/11 and adds his own comments for good measure:- "If you agree with his sentiments, then you are exasperated by his self-serving, systematic...

Sleep tight

I have serious bed envy. That little beauty would take up almost 2 months of my wages. But still........

Sunday 20 June 2004

theaardvark slow over the rocks

How to make a theaardvark Ingredients: 5 parts success 5 parts crazyiness 1 part ego Method:Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little sadness if desired! Username: Personality cocktailFrom Go-Quiz.com...

Friday 18 June 2004

Silky Smooth

Anyone living in or near Burntwood or Cannock will know of Silks. More of a "Night Spot" than a "Night Club" it has a pretty poor reputation. This makes the name of their new Sunday night event even more ridiculous....

DRM: There's no market demand for this "feature"

Go take a look at Boing Boing: Why Microsoft should get out of DRM. There's an extract from and a link to the text of a speech being given to Microsoft by Cory Doctrow about DRM. DRM is Digital Rights...

Emotional Landmines

I used to think that as time went by since Karen died the pain, grief and loss would fade away until eventually I was left simply with my memories of her, both happy and sad. It doesn't seem to quite...

Thursday 17 June 2004

Top Ten search engine referrals

I've been perusing my referrer logs of late (Who am I kidding, I'm permanently examining my referrer logs to see if anyone new in linking me). So, purely for shits and giggles, here are the top ten search engine terms...

Tuesday 15 June 2004

Aardvark Aardvark

A lot of people visit this site looking for information on aardvarks. I myself have a fascination with them stemming from my use of the word in my business and online names. I recently came across an excellent information page...

Monday 14 June 2004

T minus 161

In just 161 more visits, the recorded visits for this site, according to sitemeter, will reach 50,000. Blimey! Now if only I could build a pay-per view business model I'd be made....

Sunday 13 June 2004

Formula 1 race timings

I've followed Formula 1 for quite a while. As technology has improved, the amount of information and coverage available has increased dramatically. Accurate lap times, on-board cameras, pit lane interviews, improved lap and timing graphics have all arrived since I...


I first came across Amarost about 6 months ago, but it was a link that had no context. Consequently I took a quick look and decided it was just one of those cute but weird flash toys that litter the...

Friday 11 June 2004

Woo! Yay! Erm. Not!

FROM:UNIVERSAL LOTTO INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION/PRIZE AWARD DEPT. REF: MLI/231-ILGI0431/03 BATCH: IPD/15/096/PTNL RE: WINNING FINAL NOTIFICATION Sir/Madam We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners International programs held on the 11th of June, 2004Your e-mail address...

Wednesday 9 June 2004

What I did on my holidays

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the following is my 6,000 word essay on "stuff wot i did last week". At the moment I don't have time to write actual words. Click for biggies. Sharon was there too,...

Monday 7 June 2004


1. Dan Black BeltYou are a novice. An experienced one. The road that lies ahead is no less long and winding than what it was, but your sense of direction is better than it was when you started your career...

Sunday 6 June 2004

Boobs from wKen

I'm desperately trying to catch up on my blog reading now I'm back off holiday (amongst the 1001 other things you have to do when you get back). I'll do a post or 2 about the holiday over the next...

Wednesday 2 June 2004

3 Euros

3 Euros. That's how much it's just cost me to clean up spam on this site. Well, the bits that I can clean up without doing a complete comment rebuild. For some reason the comment notifying system isn't working everytime...

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