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Friday 30 July 2004

Since yesterday...

I stumbled across a blog post about Strawberry Switchblade today. Now that brings back some memories. What a tune. Nothing else much happening really. I get up. I go to work. I come home. Spare time recently has been taken...

Monday 26 July 2004

Baby Gift Boxes

I'm having marketing difficulties for my friend's site Baby Gift Boxes by Faye. See the full entry for more details.

Friday 23 July 2004

Mobile Disco

You may, or may not, know that I run a reasonably successful mobile disco and entertainment agency. This one-time hobby business has grown to become an essential part of our family income....

A good nights sleep...

Today I'm tired. And I'm complaining about it. See more in the full entry.

Wednesday 21 July 2004

Link Whoring

You might have noticed the number of webrings I'm a member of has swollen from 1 to 5. I'm feeling like prostituting myself for extra hits this week. To help keep track of which of the webrings (including the Blogsnob...

Tuesday 20 July 2004

UK Govt. to introduce road charges

Today I'll be mostly winging about the possibility of the Government introducing Road Charging.

Thursday 15 July 2004

Bush v Kerry Batman v Spider-Man

Just how far can you push an analogy. Surprisingly far it would appear from Pab Sungenis'The Politics of Superheroes a comparison of the 2 US presidential candidates to everyone's favourite superheroes, Batman and Spider-Man. Two generations, two heroes, two different...

Sunday 11 July 2004

Every day is like sunday....

Sharon's off at the Move Festival tonight to see Morrissey. When she first suggested she wanted to go she asked whether I would go with her. However, I'm not a Morrissey fan. I find his music depressing and I wouldn't...

Pearls of Spam wisdom

From one of today's innumerous spam messages: > Subject: The key to a better future > > You need the sheepskin to get ahead in life today. > Classic. I'll be bearing that in mind....

Friday 9 July 2004

Facing your past

Imagine you were raped when you were 7. What would you do if you came face to face with the perpetrator 25 years later? Stalking the Bogeyman is one mans tale of how he planned a murder and what happened...

Turn your Treo 600 into a USB Flash Drive

I have a Handspring Treo 600. I have a defunct camera with several now unused SD Cards.I have also been trying to justify to myself the expense of a USB Flash Drive. TreoCentral has an article on software that will...

Monday 5 July 2004

Spam Poison

Anti-Spam - Fight Back Against Spammers junk unsolicited unwanted bulk huge commercial email spams e-mail! FREE WWW Robots (also called wanderers or spiders) are programs that traverse pages in the Web by recursively retrieving linked pages. When a spammer's robot...

Saturday 3 July 2004


Today feels like a Wednesday. My Wednesdays normally happen on a Tuesday but they're Wednesdays none the less and today feel like one of those. And if you know what I'm talking about I probably shouldn't have mentioned it....

Thursday 1 July 2004


Why would someone do the search blog inurl:archives inurl:arseburgers"Post a comment" site:uk on Google? Is this someone searching for blogs that are susceptible to comment spam from a particular source program?...

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